another 'real' dream,and a new picture

AT picked up some hearing aid batteries for me recently. I used one battery out of the pack, but then lost them. I was quite frustrated and annoyed at this, for several days. I kept looking everywhere, in my car, at work, at home, for the lost battery pack (they're expensive). I searched my fanny pack that I usually keep them in thoroughly. I even dumped everything out and went through it all to make sure.

Then, the other day I decided to look in the pack one more time. I was digging around in it, and suddenly dug up the clear plastic case that goes around the outside of the battery pack. I had a few choice words about the stupid thing falling apart in my bag. I dug around some more, and found the cardboard backing, with the attached clamshell plastic that keeps the batteries on, and noticed it was falling apart also. I wasn't sure what to do with them then. It was obvious they weren't going to stay in the case that was falling apart. I could either just dump them all in the fanny pack where they would kick around with everything else and I'd probably lose some, or I could dump them all in hearing aid pouch with the hearing aids, but I wasn't sure that would be too healthy for the aids, and it would certainly be too crowded. I fumed about that for a bit, wondering what to do.

Yesterday morning I got up to go to work. I was getting ready and making sure I had everything, because there's a team meeting first thing every Thursday morning. I mentioned to AT about the lost hearing aid batteries, but then remembered that I had found them after all. That's when it hit me that the first set of memories (first paragraph above) were in conflict with the second set of memories (second paragraph above). I had searched my bag so completely the first couple times, that it simply wasn't possible for the batteries to suddenly appear in the bag. That's when I realize that finding the batteries had been a dream.

The temptation to look in the bag was quite powerful, but I resisted. It amazes me how fine the line is between things we remember, and memories we invent. I wonder how many times I've crossed that line without ever realizing it. Someday, will I be unable to differentiate at all? One wonders :)


I was scouring my library to see if I had a book that vamp_ire asked me about. As I climbed up on my puzzle table to reach another bookshelf, I thought back to the comment I made recently about it being 'strong enough to dance on'. FLASH - suddenly I remembered last night's dream. There's so much more to the dream than what is here, I wish I could remember more.
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That's all I remember :)


I forgot this dream from last night, until this morning when I was browsing through early entries in erynn999's journal. She mentions doing something called 'zen floor sweeping'. I don't know what this refers to, possibly the way I do dishes :) Anyway, it triggered a memory from my dream.

I'm at home, in a single-level house with an open floor plan and wooden floors. AT and I are cleaning up. The floor is deep in debris, but there isn't much furniture in the place. We are starting by simply sweeping everything up. I'm sweeping stuff into piles where the junk is particularly thick, sweeping away from the walls. I remind AT that we need to go through the piles to make sure we don't toss anything we need. As I'm working, I notice how beautiful the wooden floor underneath is (I'm pretty sure it was actual wood, rather than the Pergo we have in our RL house). I'm debating whether I really want to put the throw rugs back down, or simply leave the floor bare.

This dream comes from two things that I can identify right off. One is the mention in sillysilly's journal of cleaning out her room, and my responding thoughts of cleaning this room. It's deep in junk and books stacked and strewn. The other is a visit to Sarah's house, which has beautiful expanses of wooden floor without rugs or much furniture.

This room I am in is one I designed and had built a few years ago. I wanted to have a nautical theme, and evoke the feel of a ship's cabin. I increased the size of the window and installed split-pane windows. I had false beams installed overhead, with recessed lighting. Three walls have wainscoting, and the 4th is completely filled wall to wall and floor to ceiling with bookshelves. The walls are painted a pale parchment color.

Sconce lights bracket the window, and the closet has been remade into an alcove, that I intended to fill with shelves to display art. I had a beautiful door made for the room. The standard swinging door was replaced with a sliding pocket door. The door itself is made of verticle planks, beautifully finished, with a porthole set into it. Scattered about the room is the nautical art and brick-a-brack I've collected over the years.

The problem is that 1) I don't spend a lot of time in this room after all, because it's isolated and I like to be downstairs where people are, and 2) the damn door warped and won't slide, so I removed it - now the room is open to suffer the ravages of my 5 yo.

The Game

I find myself on a large, scaffolding-type structure that covers two adjacent walls of an impossibly huge square room. Much of the structure is padded and bouncy, and contains many odd traps, which can either kill you, or be used to your advantage. I am a contestant in some sort of mortal game, but I have to work out the rules as I go along (that's life, right?). My opponent is in some way a reflection or opposite of myself.

As I start to move along the structure, studying it as I go, I figure out that I'm supposed to somehow capture or trap my opponent, while at the same time avoiding that being done to me. After a few close calls, I start to work out how to move, and even come up with a few tricks that put me ahead of the game. I think I'm lucid enough to realize I have dream control over balance and gravity, and use this to my advantage. My opponent is getting better too - I'm well challenged.

I've done well. I've been working my way to one end of the structure in a corner of the room. There appears to be something there that will help me win the game. I reach this device and activate it. Now I have shadows (two I think, though at one point there appeared to be four). These are additional players on my team that I work with and control. We work out communication and cooperative movement as we return to the center. By the time we reach center I've devised a strategy, and spread my shadow in a v-wing formation. We feel that victory is immanent.

The opponent has grown stronger and performs a maneuver that scatters us and throws us into confusion. Perhaps I did start with 4 shadows and lost two here. We who remain are stretched to the limits of our skill, and barely survive. In doing so, I have achieved another award level of some sort. My team proceeds to a storage room of some sort in the corner of the room (the remaining corner opposite the scaffolding structure) where we are allowed to choose from the items there.

In this room we find a huge variety of items. Some are obviously weapons and armor, while other items seem to be toys and other household items where it is left to the user to invent a use for them. I'm debating whether to take a long-shanked pole-arm, or perhaps some throwing knives. One of my shadows turns out to be Macaw (a RL co-worker of mine who was very big in our Asheron's Call guild). He's damn smart, and a great fighter. He has chosen a very classy looking full suit of armor.

My other shadow is a female. It's someone I know, I think from the club. At the time I recognized her, but now I've forgotten who it is. Emily perhaps? She has chosen some large and very mean weapons. Swords backed up by knives. I choose to wear a very minimal amount of armor, in favor of mobility. I take a couple of close-fighting weapons, but mostly choose odd items you'd never consider as weapons, but I think they will give me an advantage.

The dream ends before the game continues.

What time is it?

Got up to take more drugs :P My hips have been killing me since Paradise, can't seem to lie comfortably. My knee is a bit swollen and sore since Thursday night, and for some reason my eye hurts - feels like it's been punched. Feeling my age today :P

The dream:
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Yesterday went the same. Stayed up until 2am, then was dropping fast. Was fine in the morning, took my drugs about 10:30, but became *very* sleepy about 3pm.

Got to bed about 2 last night (bad trend, need to start getting to bed earlier), woke up to the phone at 7:30, took my drugs at 10:30 - we'll see how it goes this afternoon. No meetings, thank goodness.

Thankfully most of my co-workers are aware that I'm narcoleptic, and just because I'm snoozing in a meeting doesn't mean I'm not participating ;)

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I'm going to start using this to keep a log of how my narcolepsy medications are working. I think I'll make the rest of the entries private, as I can't imagine anyone is interested in how sleepy I am on a day to day basis.

I was up until 2 or 3am last night, wasn't too tired. I did fine getting going this morning (7am alarm). Took meds at 11am (5mg Adderol, 100mg Provigil), but couldn't stay alert in a 2pm meeting.